Crumpit Woods, I’m Home!

The first families have already begun moving into Crumpit Woods Squamish. The Pawluks, who were the very first residents, began construction of their new home in December and in just six short months the home was complete and ready to be enjoyed.

We asked Charlene Pawluk about her new home and after living in the neighbourhood for a little over two months, the family is thrilled with the location and the views!

“We have lived in Squamish for several years and were excited about Crumpit Woods as soon as we heard the area would be developed. It is such a beautiful area and is home to some of our favorite trails.

Since moving in, I have to say that it has exceeded our expectations. The views are absolutely stunning! We feel as though we are living in a cabin in the mountains when we look out our windows.

Building new allowed us to design our own home and to include some features we have always wanted. This neighbourhood is going to be a fantastic place to live and to play.”
~ Charlene Pawluk

Pawluks@HomeMike, Charlene, and Riley Pawluk on their back deck. Absent: Stephanie Pawluk