Phase 1 Sold Out!

Listing Agents of Crumpit Woods Kristi Hernandez and Kory Swanson On Site

On Tuesday, November 5th our sales team from Black Tusk Realty hosted a group of Squamish realtors on site at Crumpit Woods. The realtors were treated to new roads, sidewalks, rock walls, landscaping and spectacular views that hadn’t been there on their previous visit back in the summer of 2012. Kristi Hernandez and Kory Swanson (pictured above), our amazing sales team, answered questions and showed the group around Phase 1 of the project. “The turnout and feedback following our event has been very positive,” remarked Kristi.

The realtors at the tour were also the first to find out that Phase 1 at Crumpit Woods was officially SOLD OUT! Wakefield Home Builders, a contractor with past projects on the Sunshine Coast and Whistler, has purchased the remaining lots and is excited to get started with construction as soon as possible. And they aren’t alone; several building permits have already been submitted to the District of Squamish and home construction could start any day!

With all this good news, the team at Crumpit Woods is now getting ready to launch Phase 2. The next phase consists of 65 additional single family building lots and many potential buyers have already registered to be invited to our launch event happening this month. To make sure you stay up to date on Crumpit Woods Phase 2, visit our registration page and submit your information.